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Hello world!

January 17, 2009

Here I am again. At the brink of changing guilds. There are many many guilds around, and ironically not one is exactly what one wants. For starters guilds are made up from a lot of people. And that is such a changing factor, what makes each guild unique. And we all want a fulfilling(if different) experience.

What I am looking for in a guild is the following: Friendly people, people with knowledge of the game, a good balance between hardcore and casual, enough focusing to get through any challenge the game throws at us, but in sum it should be a relaxed enviroment.

I realize that the pool of guilds in my server is not that big, and it becomes even smaller when I put all my requirements on the table. I might have to go the other dreaded way that has come up in my mind several times over the last few months. Become the guild leader of one.

Now, there is a key word in that last sentence, ‘Leader’ time and time again I have believed that i would not be such a good one. My perfect place is that of someone with enough power to make things change, but without the constant stress that being a leader means. I think is a very high responsibility to make all of those things I have put as my wishes for a guild to have.

Who knows, I might do it. And if I do I will give it my all. But at the moment I remain frightened by the possibility.