My name is Isaac and I play on one of the relatively new Latin servers, the reason being I am Latinamerican. It is an interesting server to be on since I used to play in the north American ones. There are some differences that I will from time to time point out, but we can rest assured is mostly the same as any other server, having two languages notwithstanding.

I play a Death Knight on horde side being that the only races that are interesting to me are humans and forsaken I play the second race. My main point of writing over here at this time is mostly to vent ideas and to share a bit of my thoughts on several subjects the main one being WoW of course.

In my first post, written a bit over a month ago I was seriously considering quitting my guild, and much less considering creating one. I did quit my previous guild, but winded up in another one. And at this time I am pretty satisfied with it, since the main problem with the other one was perhaps lack of ambition and in this one I found more like-minded members.

We are going to start tries for Sarth 3D this week, but somehow I would rather us to focus on filling up the couple spots we have unfilled every raid night. The members of the guild are good at their classes and that is why we seldom feel the strain of having 19-22 people only on raid nights, but I wonder every time how much more we could accomplish with a full raid of high quality players.

WordPress tells me as of now I have written 273 words on this post, and I wonder how much or little this is, but right now I find myself a little unfocused and think is about enough for a second post, will find ways to improve on this. I am almost glad no one has found this blog yet, and will try to enrich it for when people start finding it.

This is it for now, and I just amaze at myself as how wrong the title for it seems.


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