Thoughts on the enrage timers

Tobold made interesting comments about the enrage timers some bosses like Thaddius or Maly have. While I would like to agree with his view I also look forward to said battles. Is perhaps the reason why I play and always have with dps specs.

The enrage timers basically test the whole raid, especially the damage dealers, and while in this state of the game those timers are quite loose, it still helps to measure if a raid group in particular is ready to tackle the rest of the content.

The one thing I agree with is that I would like the enrage to be implemented in a way that is not so sudden, where the clock is all it counts. The encounter that comes to mind while actually being quite easy implements this view in an interesting way. I am speaking about the Gothik encounter, where he stacks a debuff that makes your stats dwindle, but even so is beatable after many of the stacks.

One of the strengths about the game is actually the varied encounters you can find, while a boss like Patchwerk has an enrage and is basically a gear check, others like Grobbulus test how good is the mobility of your team, and encounters like KT test many of these things at once, from being able to interrupt his frostbolts to minimize the damage it deals on the tank, to crowd controlling the chained members at a sudden notice, to reacting fast to the fissures and ice blocks.

That is pretty much why I don’t mind and enrage timer here and there, and if you can actually justify it with lore or hide the mechanic as in Gothik’s, so much the better.


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