A de-railed train of thought about Dual Specs

So, the topic of the last few days seems to be the upcoming Dual Spec feature. Deriving also about the fact that pure DPS classes may deserve to be doing higher DPS in general to make up the fact that they don’t seem to bring anything else to a raid.

The Dual Spec feature on my part seems welcome. It’ll make the life easier for many people, while would perhaps complicate a little bit on the organization part. I play a hybrid class, but I am, and always have been, and always will be a damage dealer, preferably a melee damage dealer.

Back in vanilla WoW I used to play a fury warrior, back when that was rare, back when you had to scratch every little bit of Azeroth for some +Hit gear, now I can’t seem to get rid of so much of it. During BC I was on hiatus, but I managed to comeback by the end of it, and played a rogue. Now to not get away that much from either play style I use a dual wielder Death Knight.

Suddenly after all that history I am given the ability to get a second spec, and the most likely choice is to get a tanking spec, even though I don’t enjoy tanking, and consider myself so-so at doing it. So maybe I will get a spec that gives me better survivability in PvP (I stop for a minute to see people laughing at that statement). But after being given the option, I know that my main spec will always be a DPS one.

So, while Dual Specs bring a very appreciated feature, for me is more like a bonus thing, another aspect of the game at wich I can experiment. And because of it pure DPS classes think I should be doing less DPS, because they aren’t being given the chance to have a spec that they probably wouldn’t even use in the first place. Face it, if you had wanted to tank, you would have already rolled a tank.

While Dual Specs bring a little bit of flexibility to a raid(or a great deal of it, depending on how you play the raid game) in the end aren’t going to change the scene. I don’t care if a retribution paladin has the option to, after a 5 second cast, become a tank or healer. If the rogue is a better player I am going to want to bring the rogue. Again, depending on how much min-maxing you do in your raids, the dual specs aren’t going to be a whole game changer.

And look at me, another unorganized train of thought being written, got to work on my writing skills more, but I hope at least the thoughts, if not the point, came across.


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