Easy, Medium, Hard

Now that I am into blogging a tad more serious I notice that most of the weeks there seems to be a theme most blogs discuss about. It’s early in the week but so far I think the talk is about Hard Modes being the new standard in progression.

Let’s go briefly into the past, remember all those SNES games? They used to give you the choice between easy, medium or hard. To tell you the truth since my beginnings as a gamer I used to pick the easiest setting, once I grew up I thought I was a bad player because of it, never once redid a game with a higher difficulty setting.

That is, when given the choice I picked Easy, that way it was almost an assurance that I would get to finish the game, to see the content. I should underline that last part. So, WoW implemented this line of thinking with the release of WotLK, though to be honest, it always has been like that only instead of getting to see the easiest raids for you to go into the next ones, now there is the possibility of doing all the content, but with lesser rewards if you don’t want to do the hard modes.

The day I decided I was coming back to WoW, when the expansion was on the way I thought to myself, I am going back, killing the Lich King once and for all, and that is going to be as good as game over for me. So, naturally I’ve been aiming for that goal, when it became apparent to me that my previous guild didn’t like to experience any challenge, just, you know, do what is easiest, it sent a message to me: “We are probably not going to get there in the end”. And so, since my goal is clear, I had to leave it and became a member of one that I think has much better chances.

Fact is, with or without hard modes, Ulduar is going to be harder than Naxx (though I don’t know just how much) and we certainly can expect Icecrown Citadel to be even harder(I don’t even want to imagine the Hard Mode Arthas). You can be certain, Ulduar will weed out most of the guilds that right know are pretty content raiding Naxx and Sarth sans drakes. Yeah, because Sarth+adds and Malygos take practice, you don’t one-shot those, which is something I’ve been seeing since my return to WoW, people when given the choice will always pick the Easy setting.

Of course, I am generalizing, there is the guilds that always strive to beat the content, all the content that is. Even if that content becomes tacked on. Can you imagine? In hard mode Arthas has six arms, but you get the easy choice of  cutting those to make it Easy Arthas with just the normal amount of arms for people.

I am again losing myself against the multiple points I am trying to make. To keep it simple, I believe adding easy and hard modes is good since people have at least more chances to see the content(I still believe that it will take more than good will and a couple of Naxx epics to get through Ulduar). But the fact that Hard Modes in no way make that much sense as it stands now, I mean “Hey guys, let’s kill Sartharion and his Drakes at the same time, you know, It will be more Heroic” It certainly is an accomplishment, but it doesn’t take away the nonsense.

BTW, we just started tries on Sarth 3D, that fight is brutal. Logic tells us, killing 4 dragons separately is better than having the 4 of them at the same time breathing in your face. and yet we do it the hard way.


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