A plea for Dual Wielding in 3.1

After almost a month of testing I’ve been reading about the changes to Death Knights. Right now on live I am certainly enjoying myself as DW specced. Hard to not be enjoying it since it is very much overpowered. But it seems the devs just decided to nerf it to the ground. Now, I think everyone was expecting that to happen, even myself. But the changes have not only nerfed the spec, they have destroyed it, it is pretty much impossible now to keep playing that spec.

Now, I am all for speccing into the bottom of one of the trees, but certainly it is not the same feeling for me to carry a big 2-handed weapon, than it is to carry two smaller ones, attacking at lightning speed, and dealing a lot of pain. I just don’t give credit to the fact that dual wielding was allowed for death knight, but then there were no viable specs for it. One was discovered and they have been trying to shut it down.

This isn’t me QQing, as I said, I think currently we are overpowered, just tone it down, don’t completely get rid of it. After all the big daddy of the DKs is a dual wielder himself. Though he might be a tank ‘cuz he is carrying 2 slayer of the lifeless, I wonder if he ever does Naxx 25, is not that hard and he could get a Last Laugh.

But I digress, I am expectant of more changes, and trying to adapt, and hopefully keep dual wielding come 3.1.


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