The Art of WoW (Intro)

This one is about art. It is quite fair to say that what attracted me first to play WoW was the fact that no videogame looked as different as this one does. Specifically no other MMO had that much interesting art. While everyone was trying to get a realistic look, warcraft aimed to get a more stylish one.

This was in the vein of other games that did this first, games like the windwaker, earthworm jim come on the top of my head. I remember being astounded after my first hour in the game to be getting away of the Northshire Abbey running excitedly looking at the trees in the road to Goldshire.

It is fair to say that things kept looking better and better, the absolutely beautiful Mulgore, the wastelands and their creepy look full of the scourge. And muche more than that. Outland brought a different kind of style, but outer space has never looked so interesting, so full of detail.

Which brings us to the present. The continent of Northrend is like Azeroth reloaded. And is really varied too, each zone being very different than the next one, each 50 yards square filled with little things that make the whole journey feel worth it.

Now it doesn’t end with the zones, each race playable or not, is quite well designed (though i like warhammer’s orcs better). We can go to the elves, two different kinds of them each with their own architecture, with their very, both beautiful, own looks. Or the cartoon humans, looking like medieval superheroes.

Even if the graphics are not up to date, the whole game looks much better, and prettier than many of the newest generation. This all is mainly and introduction to the subject I am trying to reach, which is the different items we get to wear, and the lack of distinctiveness of them in the newer tiers of content. But that is a subject I am going to explore in the next post, until then, be safe.


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